August 23, 2009

Hook Sharpening Tool

I bought a hook sharpener a few weeks ago in hopes to church up some Mustads. The one I bought was designed with anglers in mind...but was way too coarse and didn't allow for the off-set of the hook point. Long story short, it was a piece of shit.

While scoping for more fly tying deals at my local Ace, I decided to take a detour over to the hardware section. I stumbled upon this little contraption and it looks like it will fit the bill. After some investigation, I found that DMT produces an "Angler; MiniSharp" with a groove for the hook. But this Diamond MiniSharp should be just as good and is $5 less. It folds up nicely to fit in a pack/vest and doesn't require any oil; just dip it in the stream and sharpen away!

Yahoo Has Me Pegged

While checking my "Feedjit" this morning, I noticed someone linked to my site by "". I like to know how people find my site and what they are looking for. But I was a little surprised to find out Yahoo was profiling me. For those who don't know me, I have "Googley Eyes" aka, Congenital Nystagmus, aka my eyes wiggle a lot...uncontrollably...

The following in a screen-shot of the search results.

Life goes on with googley eyes, but it makes it hard to spot fish. (I'm also color-blind, so that really makes it hard)

August 21, 2009

A Little Something My Nephew Cooked Up

August 18, 2009

Southern Utah Browns on Hoppers

I went to bed at 3am, up at 5:30am and I was ready to go. After meeting up with Kyle and Matt, I followed them to our destination. Matt was finally able to ride shotgun since I had to work at 3:30pm (don't get too comfortable fool!). We stepped out into frigid cold and I could barely tie my knots while I shivered for warmth. I decided to go with a combo of meat and subsurface. I tied a few articulated Zoo Cougars and I was hoping to hook some nice browns on them. I also rigged a great pattern that's got the masses talking, if only they knew!
I took the first couple runs hostage hoping to break in the day with some vicious predatory strikes. I had a brownie chase and mouth my fly, but I didn't set the hook in fear I would pierce Matt's other ear (he walked behind me at the wrong time). I got back at him later in the day when I tried to "help him tail" his fish of the day, at least 18"+.
Matt ad Kyle both seemed to have the magic with the larger browns. I on the other hand was bating cleanup on brownie crumbs.

It was my turn to cast first in a small pool. On the first cast, my thingamabobber almost became a victim to assault. Before I could switch to a hopper/dropper, Kyle jumped in with his trusty Joe's Hopper. He hoked and landed a beauty. The further we waded up, the better it got. I switched to a green Stimi and caught some brownies on top. I switched to a green Dave's Hopper after some advice from the beer-man.
Time was drawing close for me to part ways and head to work, but I hated to leave. I slaughtered a stretch of prime water with risers along he whole run. When I say "slaughter" I don't mean the fish...only the water with missed takes and sloppy casts. With minutes to spare, I spotted a pool with a small tributary flowing into it. The pool was shaded with over-hanging grass and I knew this was my best chance to get a sizable fish. A few casts went unnoticed until I hooked into my fish of the day. It swallered my hopper real nice and I landed it after a great fight.

I decided this was a great point to end my day. Kyle and Matt were nice enough to walk back with me to the trucks. My chicken legs felt like noodles as I tried to navigate down stream. Kyle showed off his ballerina skills, but took a couple dips in the process. I lika the hoppas!

August 2, 2009

Cool Fish Related Videos

28 min video about the history and decline of the Cutthroat Trout. I had to download the video to view it.

Cool video of Mike Kasic floating down the Yellowstone River with only a wetsuit and a helmet.

August 1, 2009

Day #2 on Cedar Mountain

When Katy asked me last night how I planned to keep Connor entertained today, I wasn't planning to go on the mountain again. I considered heading south and picking up some tying supplies and getting a double double fix. But the weather was way too hot to even stay in Cedar, so I packed another lunch and we headed back to higher altitude. The weather was calm today without the threat of rain and lightning.

I tied up a few #16 Butch Caddis last night. I used some of the cheap antron from Robert's Craft; it made a great segmented body. These things float like a cork!

I took Connor to the spot I fished yesterday while he watched his DVD. The water is shallow and the banks are low. It was tough to find holding water, but I was able to get a few little Brookies coaxed to my fly. I spent more time watching Connor then fishing. He is such a joy to have along.

We moved spots and Connor took a nap while I fished the Brook Meadow. When Connor woke up, we went on a short hike.

We ended the day on the Meadows and I rigged Connor's DVD up while I made a few casts. A couple smaller browns and a decent one before it was time to head home. I met a guy from Vegas just as I got back to my truck. He said yesterday there was a strong PMD hatch and he caught a lot of fish. We swapped stories and I excused myself to get Connor home for bed.