July 20, 2010

Family Cabin Fishing Fun

We were able to make it to Katy's family cabin outside Oakley, UT a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful experience and great to watch Katy master her skills. She still hadn't had a phenomenal day of fly fishing up to this point. We went out the evening before and Katy was able to hook a few small Brookies and Cutts. But the next afternoon the heavens opened. With five other family members fishing the same small run, Katy hit a streak and caught some very nice fish on my Stoned-Hopper. It was a great setting for Katy to have all the elements come together.

Katy's brother Sam rocked some hammer pants and also found some willing participants. I'd like to use the excuse I was helping the others get into fish and giving up the best spots. But my fishy-juju was off and I only managed a few fish to hand. It must have been the whitefish slaughter I put on the morning before fishing the Upper Weber that gave me bad karma.

I've spent much of my fishing time this summer with my family. I've really enjoyed sharing my passion of fly fishing with Katy and Connor. I'm not sure how many more trips I'll get under my belt this year, but I have many fond memories to keep me going through the next year of school and new baby .