April 27, 2011

Sucker bait-fish

Tried my hand at some bait-fish patterns to imitate suckers. I'm planning to get away this weekend and hopefully hook my first Mac on the fly. I used MFC "Widow's Web" and "FishIze" on a 1/0 saltwater hook. Wish me luck...

April 18, 2011

We've Got a Winner!

I was lucky enough to catch the drawing over at Hopper Juan's site and win! Looking forward to my prize of free goodies.

April 15, 2011

Chocolate Milk in Snake Canyon

Made a quick trip back to Snake Canyon to camp with the family. The conditions weren't as good as last time, but we still caught a fish. Connor did a great job reeling it in and then switching off to net it. Caleb was zen master in the toddler pack as I waded through the river with him on my back. Katy's new waders and boots fit well and made her an official fly-fishing chick. Only complant was I lost my new MFC mitten scissor-clamps.

April 10, 2011

Sandy Mite

This is my first Sandy Mite that came out close to what I think it should. As I've never seen an original Sandy Mite, I'm going off the description of Craig and a few pictures I can find online. Craig told me the last fishing trip he was able to share with his father the only fly his father would use was a Sandy Mite. During this trip, John didn't catch a single fish but he refused to try anything else because this fly was so special to him.
Years after hearing this story it finally dawned on me to try and find information about this fly and tie a few up for Craig and I to fish in memory of his father. I am pleased to be that much closer to this goal becoming a reality.

April 3, 2011

Looking forward to summer

Can't wait for school to end and fishing to really begin! Thought I'd share a couple over-gimped pics.