April 21, 2010

Jacksonville Florida Fishing Blues

I've wanted to fish salt with a fly for quite some time. I finally got the opportunity last Monday. It was kind of a last minute plan, but I did my best to take advantage of the situation. I dropped my sister off at the airport in Jacksonville at 5:15am and I was on my way to Fort George Island east of Jacksonville soon after. It's not much more then 30 min to my destination, but after the runaround trying to get a license, it was past 7:30am before I wet a line.

I spent most of my time in the Jacksonville Huguenot Park. I parked within 50 yards of the beach and started casting. I spoke to a few bait fisherman who were catching Whiting on dead shrimp. I walked where Shad Creek came in and fished the confluence. I had a few missed strikes and saw a couple fish slash at my fly, but I couldn't seem to find the right rhythm.

I fished with a few flies I tied last minute before flying out from Utah. I caught a Bluefish on the glass minnow clouser. This is my first saltwater fish on a fly and it's a trophy to me! I can't wait to get back out on the salt!

I saw an array of sea-life while walking the shoreline including a sea turtle, stingrays and busting bait-fish. I waded about mid-thigh deep into the water and as I was walking out, I about stepped on this jellyfish. It was hard to get a good shot since it wanted to stay deeper in the off-color water.

Bassin' in Georgia

I got more fishing in then I expected this trip. What was to be a celebration of my grandfather's birthday turned into a celebration of my late uncles life. Wasn't sure how kosher it would be to fish in my uncle's pond just days after he died. But I don't visit Georgia enough to worry about appearances. I have to say, waiting for a LMB to come up and slam my offering is mighty addicting. I think I will pursue bass much more after this trip.

My cousin JT is a fine fisherman at 11. He defiantly has the spark to become obsessed with the sport. He was probably the only person who didn't give me crap about fly fishing. But it was fun to catch fish with a fly rod right after the Georgia folk would laugh about my gear.

April 16, 2010

Day 1 field testing in GA.

Just a little taste of today's fishing. The Googly-eyed Frog and Mutant Mouse did their job on some small bass. Not sure how much more I can fish this trip, but hoping to salt some flies near Jacksonville, FL on Monday.

April 11, 2010

Got a micro-tug on the 2wt. Not much else to say.

April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

My Googly-eyed frog was doing that while I was doing this...

Phuckin' Easter Bunny ruined the egg hunt. Connor wouldn't let me put him down; he thought that bunny in the fire truck would snatch 'em up if he tried to steal his eggs.