January 23, 2010

In the Land of the Cuttroats - Trailer

While watching this video, I realized I spend way too much time tromping through the water casting my fly and way too little time just watching. Flyfishing is not only a passion but an outlet to life's sorrows. I hope to spend more time enjoying the creation from him on high for as long as he sees fit to keep me around.

January 22, 2010

Copper John

January 21, 2010

Zebra Midge

January 12, 2010

First Fish of 2010 on Lee's Ferry

Kyle, Matt, and I started 2010 out on Lee's Ferry. The report said outstanding fishing, but the flows seemed unmanageable. After a quick stop for an AZ license and some 8x tippet, we were on the water. Kyle hooked up first and then Matt. The pressure was on, but soon enough I had a good fish hooked and it was taking line. (after viewing photo proof, it fought larger the it looked)

We worked our way up from the riffles to the rock and we each caught a few fish. Worms seemed to work for me, but I forgot to baptise the bead worm. When the flows raised above a comfortable level, we decided to move on. We stopped at the Wahweap Marina on the way home and I tried to catch a dirty little carp. I thought it would be a slam dunk, but I couldn't seem to set the hook hard enough. Kyle and Matt were patient guides as I missed a few good opportunities. It was quite a rush to watch the carp flair its pectoral fins and slowly glide up to my fly. Next time I'm going to use a fly with the hook point up.

Frosty bag at the beginning of the trip

January 4, 2010

Free Fly Tying Videos!


The Weekly Fly hit 101 posts and they are offering three free downloads of some great patterns. Every Monday, The Weekly Fly rolls out a new high quality video that will tantalize the tyer's mind. It's like manna from heaven!

January 3, 2010

Whataya Oneathose Fitness Freaks!

Warning! If you haven't seen The Departed, you should. (unless the F-word makes your stomach churn)

January 1, 2010

Falling Short in 2009

Out of the 12 goals I set last March, I only completed one! I caught a Tiger Trout last July on the Boulder Mountains. I had some close calls on a few other goals, but no cigar. I didn't fish as much as I had planned; and when I did, my skills were bunk. Although I didn't reach my goals, I had a great year meeting new friends, exploring new waters, and adding to my arsenal.

I kept the same goals for this upcoming year, only changing my Tiger Trout Quota to 20+ inches. Between work, school and an addition to the house (well trailer), the next few years don't look very fishy. This upcoming year, I want to concentrate on quality over quantity with more trips to the local trickle to supplement my need for a fishy tug.