July 27, 2016

Getting lost in solitude

Sam made a nice video and report about our trip we had fishing the Boulder Mountains earlier this year. Check out his Youtube channel and blog-Tightline Pursuit.

I've been getting out fishing with and with-out the family as much as I can. But between a FT day-job and moonlighting at a hospital 1.5hrs away, FT school, and a young family I'm seldom able to these days. We were blessed by a third child (all boys) last year and there's something to be said about how the 3rd one turns everything on its top!

I wish I could promise I would do better at updating this blog, but it would be a lie. It's fun to look back on my past posts and reminisce the time I was able to share with loved ones in the outdoors. I hope to start posting again just for that reason...but like I said, I'm probably FOS.