March 24, 2010

It can be rough out there...Be Careful!!!

March 21, 2010

Brown Trout on the DF

I had a short window to get my fishing in. As I drove up the canyon, I was still unsure where to spend my allotted 3 hours. I finally chose a section of river I had never fished before. On my fourth cast, I connected to a small brown on a #16 white bead PT midge. I continued to catch chunky 11"-13" Browns as I moved up. Most good holes rewarded me with a fish or two.

I came upon a small bend in the river and as I looked over the edge of the bank through the clear water, I saw a flash of golden brown. On my 6th or 7th cast, I connected to a my target. After a respectful fight, I netted a 17" Brown. I just about moved on past the hole thinking I caught the resident big boy, but I decided one more cast in the head of the pool wouldn't hurt. Right away my indicator stopped. Just as the thought crossed my mind that I was snagged on the other side, an 18" brown, fatter then the last, came topside. I was elated to catch two nice Browns in the same hole. One more fish came to hand before I had to leave.

March 12, 2010

Patagonia Waders and Boots

I bought the Watermaster-light waders from Sierra Trading Post last fall. I mistakenly got a Large-King instead of a Large-Long, but they seemed to fit just fine. These waders were defiantly light, because after only about 8 trips out they had leaks. The material seemed to just rub off, exposing my chicken legs to unwanted cold moisture.
I bought a pair of Riverwalker Sticky-sole boots the Fall of 2008. I was impressed by how light they were. After only a few trips, they were broken in and super comfortable. I really enjoyed how well these boots performed in and out of the water. But after 1.5 years of hard use, the stitching began to come loose and the sole of one of the boots began to delaminate.

I sent the waders and boots into Patagonia about 6 weeks ago. I asked for them to repair the boots and asked about the chance of upgrading to a more durable wader. I included my Credit Card info and hoped for the best. Patagonia's website said the turnaround time for repairs was at least 6 weeks.
One of the main reasons I bought Patagonia was their reputation for great customer satisfaction. But with all the stories I heard of Patagonia making it right for the customer, i never expected what came in a brown box last Wednesday. A Brand new pair of Riverwalker Sticky-sole boots and a brand new pair of Watermaster (not light!) waders. Total charge...$0!

March 11, 2010

Spring on the Green River

Ken was nice enough to invite Kyle and I to float the A section of the Green a couple days this week. I floated the Green a couple times as a kid, but this was the first time I fished it with a fly. This was also my first time to fish while drifting. Huckin' meat was on the docket and we all had success.

The drive home got a little dicey, but Kyle kept his wits and had us stop in Filmore for the night.

March 4, 2010



Hook: 3xl curved hook (Dai-Riki #270, Daiichi 1270)
Tail: Base of stripped hackle stem (colored w/brown marker)
Body: Ginger nymph dubbing
Abdomen: Ringneck Pheasant church-window feather (shell-back); ribbed with medium copper/brown wire
Thorax: molted brown Skinny Skin
Legs: 2 strands of Sili-legs tied with overhand knot and one tag clipped
Antenna: Stripped hackle stem (towards tip)