December 19, 2009

I've been without a fishing trip for over a month. I had high hopes to catch a few fish to close out the year. Craig met me at my house and we were on the stream by 1pm. The first stream we stopped at had a little open water down the middle. After a hour we decided to head to the next location and found it was locked up tighter then a nun's twat.

We skipped that stop and headed to our last location. As we drove up the canyon, we could see open water and clear flows. I thought our day had been saved. But when we got to our destination, it was barely open. We decided to scope out the stream before we rigged up. I grabbed my jacket out of the back seat and slammed the door before a passing car hit me. Unfortunately, when I pulled my jacket out, the tip of my rod came with it. The tip snapped in three pieces! I was sick. I rigged my 10-foot giant and tried to redeem the day with at least one fishy tug. Light began to disappear along with the hope of catching. With my head hung low, we loaded up and went home. Not the best way to end the year!

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