March 21, 2010

Brown Trout on the DF

I had a short window to get my fishing in. As I drove up the canyon, I was still unsure where to spend my allotted 3 hours. I finally chose a section of river I had never fished before. On my fourth cast, I connected to a small brown on a #16 white bead PT midge. I continued to catch chunky 11"-13" Browns as I moved up. Most good holes rewarded me with a fish or two.

I came upon a small bend in the river and as I looked over the edge of the bank through the clear water, I saw a flash of golden brown. On my 6th or 7th cast, I connected to a my target. After a respectful fight, I netted a 17" Brown. I just about moved on past the hole thinking I caught the resident big boy, but I decided one more cast in the head of the pool wouldn't hurt. Right away my indicator stopped. Just as the thought crossed my mind that I was snagged on the other side, an 18" brown, fatter then the last, came topside. I was elated to catch two nice Browns in the same hole. One more fish came to hand before I had to leave.

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