September 21, 2012

     I was able to fish Clint-creek last Monday solo...well Oakley came along but he let me have first shot on most of the multiple honey holes. One fish, or at least one hole, has eluded me all summer. The first time fishing Clint-creek this year, I missed a good sized fish in said pool and then Sam hooked a hog the pool above. Since then, my luck remained the same, rises but no sticks. The current runs in from the head of the pool and slides along an undercut bank with grass and willow branches. I cast a few different flies through this run, but nothing moved for my flies.
    I've had a stoned-hopper in my box most of the summer. It was a leftover from a fly swap I participated in at the first of the season. I knew it would work for me eventually and every time I tied it one I would think to myself something like "this is when this fly is going to work and I'll catch that one great fish". This dialogue went on through my head many times, but failed to ever come to fruition.
     I tied this particular stoned-hopper on once again and repeated my mantra. As the fly landed, the current caught it and pulled the fly into the bank. A flash and my fly was gone. I lift my rod to the resistance of the fish that eluded me for far too long. I pull back with everything my 3wt can muster to keep it out of the willows. After a few strong runs and shakes of it's head, I land it in the shallow pool below.

After a few shots with my G'zone Commando phone, which is a far cry from my lost waterproof camera, I released it back into its home and I went home. I got what I came for and couldn't be more ecstatic to finally hook that elusive fish. Not the biggest fish but it is a prize to me.


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