December 28, 2012

Dual-Sport Flyfishing

I recently bought a dual sport bike for a belated graduation present to myself. It's a bone-stock 2009 Suzuki DRZ-400s with 1000 miles. I've been wanting to get a dual sport for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger. I started out riding a '78 Suzuki 185 enduro when I was 15 and traded that in for a '85 CR250. But after breaking my arm trying to jump over my friend on the CR I sold it. 15 years later I finally got another ride! I'm excited to combine my love for flyfishing with riding to explore the area around me and hopefully find some new places to throw a fly. Connor is pretty stoaked as well...

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  1. I am totally jealous. I grew up riding in the desert. I flirted with getting a dual sport for quite a while. My cousin would let me use his DR350 all the time. I was used to riding 3wheelers and when I could finally afford a bike I struggled with getting a Honda EX4004wheeler or a Honda 600 with a baja kit. I ended up getting a 4wheeler and it was probably the safer move. I was still doing stupid things that possibly would have killed me on a motorcycle. I fished the sierra's every summer and I'd look at those random dirt roads that went into the canyons and hills. They looked perfect for a dual sport motorcycle and I'm sure they were the only way to access some of the remote streams with out day hiking. I hope you get to do some adventures like that. Thanks for the memories.