June 21, 2013

Connor's First "Boy's Trip"

 photo IMG_0836.jpg
Connor had so much fun catching fish on his own he begged to go again. Sam and I took him and Oakley back up the mountain last Sat to feed his craving for more trouts on top. We started at the bottom of Willow creek with limited success. After an hour of flogging water with only a couple hook-ups, we moved locations

We hiked down the deep canyon walls where 2nd creek runs into the lake. It took a while before we started catching fish, but once we did it continued. Connor struggled a little setting the hook fast enough, and since he had "mastered" his cast, he wasn't receptive to any help. He was finally rewarded with a nice brown from the hole at the top of this post. I can't fully describe the joy and elation that comes from watching a boy catch some of his first fish wearing a grin from ear to ear.
I've fished these streams most every Father's Days since moving to southern Utah and each time has been a choice experience, this trip being the pinnicle thus far. I challenge those reading this to take a kid fishing. I could be the start to a life-long pursuit and what better place to be then in the front seat with them! 


  1. Great post. Keep up the inspiring posts, I have a kid on the way and this makes me want to be a better father.

  2. Thanks Daniel. I remember reading John Montana's ( http://carponthefly.blogspot.com/ ) post about some funny stuff his daughter has said. Connor was on the way and it made me so stoked to be a flyfishing dad.
    To be honest fatherhood took a little getting used to. I'm selfish by nature and parenting/co-parenting has no place for this. Luckily I was able to combine my love for family and fishing into a symbiotic relationship.---Mike