March 2, 2017

Chocolate Candy Milkshakes and Cutts in the Crystal Clear

    The majority of my past weekends have been devoted to writing the last couple papers to finish school (for now). I decided to reward myself with an afternoon of fishing to revamp the sparkle in my soul. It's tough--with such little time--to know where to invest my hall pass this time of year. The past couple fishing trips had a sparse amount of actual catching involved in them. With the warmer weather last week I knew Candy Canyon would have open water and according to the flow charts, it appeared to be at a good flow. The only problem was that this stretch of the Sevier River adds an extra 30-45 min each way to my drive; but I decided to pull the trigger and left Cedar a little past noon.
   After downing a 44oz soda in the space of a half hour I had to take a pit stop in Beaver. When I returned to the van (that's right VAN, mini-van that is!) I found myself locked out with the keys uselessly lying on the floor inside. I thought I would be saving some money on gas and a few miles on the Jeep GC if I drove the van. But after spending $40 for the kid in the tire shop to pop the door open (in a matter of seconds) I was rethinking my decision.
   When I arrived at Candy Canyon, I was sad to see a rush of chocolate milk greeting me. I geared up and decided to try my best at the conditions dealt to me. After about 45 min I decided it wasn't worth my trouble and reassessed my plan. Snake Creek was nearby and I hadn't fished it for a number of years. The DWR recently restored it after ash from a fire washed through about 5 years ago and killed all the fish. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I arrived I was happy to see its true namesake rang true as it was crystal clear and flowing at a perfect rate.
 I almost left the #3 Blue Halo at home but luckily threw it in last minute. I've never fished the section of stream I decided to try. In the past I always went to the same spot and usually did well. But I spotted this section en route and it was too tasty to pass up. Although the fish were small, they were plentiful and many of them ate on the surface. I got what I came for.

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