September 11, 2009

RR on Willow Creek

Craig and I met at the Shell station and headed up the canyon. We've made this journey many times in the past three years and never once have we been disappointed. After a sour month of missed fishing opportunities, I was in dire need of respite. As we pulled up to the small, willow choked stream, we could see the flow had receded a substantial amount from just one month ago. It was second nature as we geared up and walked down to the first of many honey-holes. I tied on a Royle Wulff and immediately began catching fish.

After losing my fly to a small brown with a deep throat, I fumbled through a few patterns before I regained my momentum. I tied on a modified Boots Allen Emerger with a PT tail and body and the catch rate maintained from then on with about 90% Browns and 10% bows/cutbows.

Craig and I both had great success. I love catching fish on flies I tied and a rod that I assembled. Where these fish lack in size, they make up for in therapeutic value. With my batteries recharged, I'm ready for another week.


  1. I was wondering what happened to you you dang hippie. Its about time you got out to do some fishing! Good to know that your ride is now in top-top shape as well. Welcome back to the good life my friend.

  2. Its good to be back, hopefully steady for a while. Man its been a rough month. Looks like you're getting into some fish up North. I hope to be up there in the next month. See you then.