September 20, 2009

Patagonia Watermaster Light

I've been begrudgingly wearing my Sportsman's Warehouse waders from about day one. They leaked soon after buying them and since they were on special, due to being discontinued, I was unable to get a replacement pair. I purchased a pair of Cloudveil Crystal Creek waders later in the year; but they leaked right out of the box. Instead of sending me a replacement pair, Sierra Trading Post gave me a refund (purchased for $130).
I've had my eye on the Watermasters for a while and finally pulled the trigger when I could get them for $107 off STP. Hopefully they perform well enough until I can join the big leagues and splurge on some Simms.


  1. Save up for the Simms, those Pattagucci's are going to leak right out of the box. Your so upper crust

  2. Leaks or not, when my boots match my waders...hooya!

  3. I got the waders today and tried them on. Unfortunatly they were Large KING, not Large LONG like I thought advertised on STP. But for $100 I think I got a good enough deal to keep them. (unless they leak like Kyle advertises)