October 29, 2009

Paraloop Flies

I tried my hand at paraloop flies last week and horribly failed. I wasn't sure when I would try to do it again. But I recently stumbled across a great fly fishing/tying site with very clean flies and it inspired me to try paraloop hackles again. Upon searching for online videos on paraloop flies, I found two videos that showed the process. The first one required a para-post tool that attaches to the vise (which I will be investing in soon) the second had two really creative tying steps/materials that I plan to employee soon (CDC hackle in a dubbing loop, striped stem of feather for body).

I like the simplicity of this technique. But I about went nuts over how bulky and sloppy the dubbing was. I'm sure it adds to a buggy looking fly, but I cannot stand balled-up dub jobs. It also appears this method requires many turns of hackle. I assume he is using tippet material. I have some clear tying thread that should work nicely for the paraloop.

Be fore-warned, the music will put you to sleep. But I guess its better then hearing some guy explain the steps in a different language. I've never been able to master biot body flies. But with the striped stem technique, I might be able to achieve a similar result.

1 comment:

  1. Only problem i see is that would take mucho turkey feathers. I like it though. Fishing season isn't over yet hippie, quit tying lets go fishing.