October 22, 2009

Quick Trip in my Backyard

I had a 75 minute window before I had to report to work. It would be close, but I thought I could get at least 45 min of fishing in. I left my house geared up in my waders and when I got to the parking spot, I bolted up the hill. I fished this small creek about a month ago; but with my son and wife in tow, I couldn't explore the harder to reach areas. I cut trail and dropped below my last starting point. It was way too brush-choked to think about throwing a decent cast so I cut my leader back from 8ft to about 5ft. I finally began to find fishable pockets within the labyrinth of branches and caught a couple fish before my alarm warned me I was out of time. I high-tailed it back and made it in to work with minutes to spare.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know how high you've made it up, but the higher you get the less overgrown and better the water gets. I've fished pretty much all the way up from when the stream first crosses the road/trail. It gets best after the stream crosses the trail for the 3rd time or so.