May 9, 2010

Bassin' Below

I finally got down to the bass pond with Kyle this week. We tried a mid-day trip on Wednesday to no avail. But we met up again with Matt on Saturday morning and gave it another shot. A few bass were fooled, but nothing on top. These bass are stout, hard-fitting SOBs and my 12 weight rod was just the ticket to give them hell. Didn't bring a scale, but I'm pretty sure I broke the 3 lb mark and completed the first FF goal for 2010.

After many attempts to get bendo on his fairy-wand, Kyle resorted to chucko-casting while Matt entertained with music and dance from the movie Annie.


  1. Good to see the son with some bendo. Lets not get the facts wrong with who was singing and who was dancing. Please don't let Connor watch Annie as much as you did/do, I think it may have done some real damage:)

  2. Oh the facts are solid, except for the fact you were singing along with Matt. I was on the other side of the pond for a while, but I swear you two were dancing with eachother.