May 6, 2010

Steve and I made a quick trip to wet some flies this evening. We first stopped at the Meadows and found the flow was fishable, but the water was off-color. I was able to stick one small brown in the first run. But after an hour without even a bump, we decided to try plan B. We headed to Big Fish Lake in hopes of finding better results.

The lake had recently lost its icing, so the water was very nippy. Steve hooked into a few fat bows while I whipped the water with my line. I was happy to witness Steve grin from ear to ear as he landed his largest trout yet on the fly.


  1. sweet day!! congrats on the biggun,, I'm following your blog and have added you to my blog roll,,, check me out at.,

  2. That top pic turned out pretty cool! Thanks for taking me I had a blast. Cold but fun fishin'

  3. Anytime Steve. I'm glad you got into fish. Give me a shout when you can go again.