June 24, 2010

Family Fishing on 2nd Creek- the sequel

I spent last Monday on 2nd Creek with the family. I really wanted Katy to catch a bunch of fish on a small stream. She was a great sport trudging through the water to appease me. She is in her third trimester with our second child and it's getting harder for her to keep her balance. The water was perfect and the fish were willing.

Connor brought his net along to help us land and release fish. He was careful not to squeeze them too hard, but he gave a few flying lessons.


  1. Family Man I get that tag, but whats with the Frugal Pucker one? Your a good dad and your kid is freakin awesome. Get him a fishy kid coloring book, you can download it.

  2. I'm a phrugal phucker b/c I'm too cheap to spend the time and gas money to drive further. Sounds a little like you lately except you grew a vag in the process :)
    He has the coloring book and enjoys it...unless they recently came out with a new one.

  3. Great report, that pic with the fish and the kid is priceless. I can't wait for the day I take my daughter out fishing.