June 4, 2010

Family Fishing on 2nd Creek

I was hoping to replicate my latest trip to Willow Creek today with Katy and Connor. But as we drove further up the canyon, I could see run-off had different plans. The road to 2nd creek was completely covered by snow a couple weeks ago, but today the roads were clear all the way there.

The stream was running higher then I'd expected, but it was the only realistic chance to fish moving water on this mountain. The valley floor is a braided labyrinth of willows, beaver ponds, bogs, and water channels of various sizes weaving in and out of the main stream. The key was to find deep cuts in slower water where current was running in.

Last year I found the SJW to be the ticket and today was no different. Connor really enjoyed getting a close look at the fish and petting them. We all stayed dry and had a very enjoyable family outing without having to fling steel.

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