September 10, 2010

Purple Haze and The Stoned-Beetle

I plan to take Connor to Willow Creek tomorrow. So tonight we tied up a few morsels to entice the locals. Last time I was there, I spanked them on a #14 Purple Haze. I also tied up a few #10 Stoned-hoppers, but once they were complete, they looked more like a beetle...hence the name.

I haven't had much to post lately, but hopefully I'll have something tomorrow. With a new baby, full-time work, and just starting my first year of school to become a Murse, I don't anticipate many fishing trips this Fall.


  1. I feel your pain. Hard to break into a busy schedual. Flies Looks Great!!

  2. I love bugs with rubber legs! I just had a trip using Madam X bugs... throw them a little up stream of the run or hole, give them a little twitch and WHAM!

    I hope your trip goes well.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. murse has two meanings. male nurse or man purse, basically the same thing though;)