October 20, 2010

Boulder's Fall 2010

I've been pinned between work, school, and family this fall so I was really looking forward to the Boulders with Kyle and Matt. It was nice to hike in the great fall colors, but the trip was far from epic; which makes all the flack I caught from work for playing hooky rub me a little raw. But in the end, a day fishing is always better then a day stuck in class or at work. I just wish I could keep fish on after I hook them. But there's always next time...

Check out Kyle's report for the details.

I used the Lamson Konic a little and caught one small Cutt. Too soon for a review, but I didn't hate it.

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  1. checked out Kyles report and foud that you guys had a sweet day of hookin up with beautiful trout,, there was a brookie in there that was out of sight.