December 30, 2010

Fake High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with GIMP

I love the way this picture of Connor came out when I first took it. But with this new technique, it really made for a great shot! This is the first picture I've used this method on, but I was so excited I thought i would share. I've always been impressed by HDR pictures and thought I needed an expensive digital SLR and an ability to shoot in RAW to create one. But with the help of Google and a little luck, I was able to come across a way to do it ghetto style. And for those that know me, the more ghettoerest the bettererest! The following video shows how to improve images dramatically with GIMP. Although this isn't truly HDR, it does create vivid images.

I've found that scenery and fish are enhanced well by this technique. But hero shots and portraits do not come out as well because skin tone is too unnatural. In the last picture with Kyle's snagged brookie, the original thumbnail looks better, but once the pictures are viewed at larger size the Fake HDR is much better.


  1. Nice man - I've really been digging a program called photoscape-- it's another freeware program that basically does everything that I used to use photoshop for (which I never really used to it's full potential)

    I've heard good things about gimp though too-- maybe I'll give it a try


  2. Nice brookie...the spots look very vibrant in that fake pic. Some very nice catches either way!