January 19, 2011

Great Online Store

Since I can't seem to get out to fish, there's not much else to do then acquire gear and tie flies. I've ordered from Dream Drift Flies a number of occasions and I give their customer service an A+. They have great prices on Montana Fly Company's innovative products. I'd give you the full list of the items I recently acquired, but since Mrs. FEF patrols this site I better not elaborate too much.

These extended bodies make for some fun bugs to fling out to the fishies.
I had a pair of scissor clamps come up missing last spring and had yet to replace them. These mitten model scissor clamps fit the bill. They were a little stiff out of the package, but with a little reel oil they easily open and close. They have a smooth front & rough rear texture on the forceps portion and a very sharp scissor blade in back. I hate dealing with zip cords when I'm releasing a fish or clipping tippit, so I really like the little spike that holds the tool secure when it's clamped onto an article of clothing or your vest. The matte black color is great for small stream fishing because trying to sneak up on a fish wearing a pair of forceps that could double as a signal mirror doesn't quite add up.
The MFC hooks are scary sharp but priced like Mustads. Offered in 25 and 100 packs, buy the 100 packs because they are just that good!
***All pictures were ganked from the DDF website. I'm in no way affiliated with DDF, just a satisfied customer***

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