March 27, 2011

It's a MOALacle!

I finally got out to hit the bass pond with Chester the Molester. There was a crew working on the water inlet and the pond was as low as we've seen it. With my trusty Cocoons bug shields, I spotted a few LM bass hanging out by a rock. After a technical 54' cast I was able to coax one out with a MOAL. When I first tied up the MOAL two years ago, I thought I'd found a new form of sliced bread. But it didn't prove so dynamite, but it was great to finally catch a fish on a MOAL.
I've had my eye out for a horse rockin' a light tan mane. I want to tie a Sandy Mite, but until now I wasn't able to locate all the ingredients. With the help of Kyle, we were able to acquire enough horse mane to complete this goal.

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