May 3, 2011

Cold, Windy, Skunky Weekend

My day started at 3:45am Friday morning. I got up and went to my 2nd to last nursing clinical this semester and decided to go fishing after I was done at 5pm. I drove back home, loaded up and pulled out of Cedar with the tent trailer in tow. I arrived at my destination just before midnight and furiously looked for a place to set up camp. I was hoping to find a spot close to the lake in hopes of taking breaks during the next day to warm up. The temperature read 14* F, snow was flying and there was a strong wind making it feel much colder. After nearly getting buried to my axles in snow I found a small pull-out along the side of the road. By the time I got set up, I was completely worn-out. I slept well that night thinking of what was to come in the morning.

I checked out the lake the night before and found 50 yards of open water around the North end of the lake. I started where the main creek runs into the lake. I was happy I purchased a step-ladder to stand on as the water was cold and the extra altitude gave me a good perspective of what was going on. I hooked one fish at this location but it unbuttoned before I landed it. I moved around the rest of the lake with no other luck. At the last place I stopped I spotted two huge fish cruise right in front of me as I flogged water. Not sure if they were Lake-trout but they were well over 30". What was to be a full weekend I cut short and went home with my head held low. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to stillwater. The cold, windy weather didn't add any luck, but hopefully gave me good juju to draw on later this season.

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