May 14, 2011

Palomino Pleasures

Kyle and I finally got out for some long overdue fishing. Rumor had it a local stillwater was starting to pop so we decided to investigate. When we arrived things looked good, but after ham and eggs gave us a report that fishing was slow, our hopes were a little dashed. We made our way over to the spillway and started our day. My 1st cast came up empty, but 2nd, 3rd, & 4th all rewarded me with fish. This is the second time to fish this lake and the first to catch fish. There are some beautiful Cutts in this lake
Kyle was a little slow on the stick but hooked into a nice albinoish trout he adamantly classified as Palomino. We caught well over a dozen fish in only a few hours. It seems that Kyle and I have been cursed every fishing trip together; until now we never seemed to catch fish on trips together...nice to break the curse.

Leeches were the meal of the day. I tied up a few blood leeches with a red craft bead the night before and was happy I did.


  1. How did Kyle's double haul look?

  2. Matt it was beautiful, it caught many a fish. You would get a picture of me all buffed out. C'mon, let me know before you snap one of those:) Twas a good day.