March 9, 2012

Hook-up Foam Frog

I came up with this foam frog fly pattern a couple years ago with my grandpa's pond in south Georgia in mind. I was my boyhood dream to fly fish the pond and I've been able to get there twice with a fly rod in hand. The first time it was choked with lilly-pads, so I came up with this style of foam frog fly with the hook riding up. I don't care for the mono weed-guards with the hook riding below because I seemed to still get stuck, or miss strike. I was probably making the guards wrong but who cares now. I've sat on this foam frog fly pattern too long and shared it with too few people. Stay tuned for detailed tying instructions...but not sure when I'll have it available. Until then here's a taste of what it looks like.


  1. What a fantastic looking frog! I am excited to see the recipe!!

  2. Hello Mike. I have been looking for another idea for frog legs. I like the braided look, they must move a ton of water, and spring back and forth really well. I like the look of your entire fly, it must cast a great silhouette in high sun. The up facing hook is a great idea to avoid the whole weed-guard, missed hook-ups. I like your whole site. I'm new to blogging and am looking for ideas, your site is loaded with them.

  3. I've been meaning to get a tutorial up on how to tie this, but I lost my camera and the wife and I are still debating over which camera to replace it with. I want a DSLR, she's fine with a $100 P&S.
    I think making the braided section shorter and rubber longer then pictured would work better. I've foundthe braid to wrap on the hook point sometimes, or maybe add something to the braid to keep it more stiff (inside or painted on it). It works great, but haven't fished bass for over a year so RD has been slow on this pattern.

  4. Oh man! Sorry to here that. I love my little Lumix ZR1. The Leica lens is amazing and the technology in it, rivals a DSLR. I only know this, because I wanted a DSLR for a while now and am still trying to sell it.

    What do you make the braided section out of please? Maybe create a stiff "Knee" joint? I have had problems with tied feet on my frog pattern getting tied up as well. I guess R&D is tough when you can't get out, but it gives you something to look forward to.