June 28, 2012

Undergunned with a 3wt

I finally finished school and received my nursing license. I am so excited to have my life back! I've done a lot of fishing with the family the past couple months, but haven't taken as many pictures as I wish. Tonight I got out after work for a couple hours. I wanted to try somewhere new and heard some big fish were being caught at a local stream. This was my first time to fish this section of the stream and I was rewarded with some great fish! Unfortunatly I forgot the camera but was able to snap a few pics with my phone (which has horrible picture quality). The fly of the evening was the Stoned-hopper. In total I caught a few chunky bows, one 15+" tigar trout, a 14" brown, and a few nice cutthroat. I had a hard time controlling the bigger cutts with my 3wt and was cussing myself for leaving my net in the car. I had to run down-stream a few times to land these guys. All and all it was a great evening!


  1. Very nice! I love being undergunned in a fish fight. Makes the rush last even longer

  2. Nice-- bring the 5wt next time!


  3. Dang, looks like fun! That's a nice cuttie!