July 17, 2012

First Half of Summer

I can't believe we are in the middle of summer already! I've made it out to wet a line about weekly and finishing school leaves me with a new schedule giving me 3-day weekends. I'm offically a Registered Nurse! I get it! not the most masculine title, but I'm happy to be done and I recieved a nice fat raise. Katy has really caught on this year and it's been a treat to watch her progress in the sport. Fishing is such a wonderful way to make memories with the family. With my luck I'll drive my family to distain the sport. But I'm livin' it up now that I still can!

The boys are now both equipped with waders and loving the freedom to roam along the banks without suffering from hypothermia. I think Connor is more into the flyfishing gear then the actual catch. But it's fun for him to get all his gear on and hit the stream.

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