January 29, 2015

Bologna Creek x2

Sam and I hit Bologna Creek last week for a little winter fun. I had just went by myself a few days prior and did fairly well on various flies. We actually started at a nearby stream throwing articulated globs of feather and fur in hopes of catching "the big one". But it was low water and even lower catching. 
 I was able to move & hook one fish the entire morning. It was great to get out but it wasn't extremely successful in regards to fishing numbers. Oakley was a little peeved at the lack of fish slime to snack on but my PB&J took the edge off.
 We didn't do any better once on Bologna Creek, in fact worse because neither of us found fish lips to date our flies.

 I must say however, just a few days prior, the heavens opened and granted me with a wonderful and peaceful day of fishing. Oakley and I headed out after dropping my oldest off for a day of reading and arithmetic. We both needed to breath some unencumbered air and Bologna Creek was the prescription for our cabin fever. 
It takes Oakley a few minutes to shake off his excitement of being in the mountains and start acting civilized. In other words, Oakley has a tendency to spook fish when he tromps into the pool I'm fishing. But soon enough he follows suit and helps patrol the end of my line for hooked fish. 

Fishing is such a great obsession, way better than crack or miniature golf...

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