February 6, 2015

Clint Creek Revisited

 Like heroin addicts, we've been fishing Clint Creek for last couple years chasing the high we felt the first year we added it to our list of "favorite waters". Two years ago, Clint Creek was just a diversion from having to step back into reality after a fishing trip on the Boulder Mountains. Now it's a common destination, close to home, that generally gives up at least ONE 16"+ Cutt each trip. The fish above came from a money hole that seldom disappoints. It's been fun watching this fish grow up the past few years, I just hope it's there next year waiting for another lip piercing.

One of my favorite days on this stream was a double date with Sam and our lovely brides. My mother-in-law was nice enough to provide free baby-sitting so we could pull this trip off. I was ecstatic to watch Katy stick big fish after big fish, even though sometimes it felt like the fish gave her more 2nd & 3rd chances to catch them than I've personally had.

Natalie caught the biggest rainbow I've seen from this stream on the same day. It was a good trip for the ladies of our party.

Last year it seemed every trip here, we were ran off the stream within an hour by lightening storms. We tried our best to push through the elements, but the weather would eventually drive us back home.

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  1. Nice! Glad that you've found an ideal venue to fish. Those are those 'once-in-a-lifetime' things, finding them, noting them and keeping track of them. You should really go out and explore that area and sense what else it has got in store for you and for your fishing equipment. Of which I'm sure, are all expertly and plenty. Good day!

    Kathleen Gardner @ Bid 2 Fish