February 27, 2015

Pez Stream On The Boulders

We took a trip with Bishop Jan to Pez Stream on the Boulders last fall. We borrowed a couple ATVs and set up camp a couple miles down the mountain from our fishing destination. The boys love camping, fishing, and anything "outdoors". It's exciting to share these experiences with the generation before and after me. 
I told Connor a few years ago that when he was a little older, I'd buy him a spinning rod to take fishing on the Boulders. I finally made good on my promise and ended up buying one for his little brother too. It seems the boys had just as much fun slinging bobbers across the grass in front of the tent as they did casting in the lake. 
The mountain was bursting with color which made the drive up to the lake that much more enjoyable; I love the Boulders in the fall. There were a couple water crossings along the way and the road was steep and rough. I thought about bringing my DRZ 400, but I don't think that would have been a good idea. 
We got to the lake a couple hours before dark and spent much of that time trying to maneuver over boulder fields as I dragged Caleb behind me. The first night was unproductive in catching and more of a recon trip. 
The next morning we were one of the first groups on the lake and set up near the dam where it was easy for the boys to walk to. There was  a pod of fish that hung out in the area most of the day, but due to high pressure and low skills on my part, we didn't touch many of them today. After a few fly changes, I was able to coax a couple to the net. This was the maiden voyage for my newly purchased Redington CT 9' 4wt. I really like this rod!

We spent most of the day at this spot; to Bishop Jan's chagrin. BJ isn't very dedicated to fishing and I'm sure he wanted to spend more time exploring the trails with the ATVs. But he was a good sport and didn't press much to move on to another activity. 
Bishop Jan found a pod of Brookies below the outlet of the lake. It was tight casting, but he and I were both able to connect to a few "chicken pharmed" Brookies. 
I seldom keep my catch but I enjoy eating an occasional fish flesh sacrament when camping. We had a nice Brookie and Tiger dinner that night. 
Bishop Jan is a big advocate of keeping any and every fish, yet he doesn't volunteer to clean them...
It was an incredible trip, but far too short. I hope to repeat this again this summer. 

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