May 15, 2009

Many Firsts on 2nd Creek

Craig and I made it to 2nd Creek tonight. We planned to go last week, but Craig had some last minute work to complete. Last year around this time, 2nd Creek had perfect clarity and flows. The road was rough getting in and snow drifts threatened a long hike to the stream. When we arrived to the stream, it was higher then we'd hoped and a little off-color. The wind howled through the pines as I started rigging up my XP 5. These fish aren't very big and the 3wt is so much nicer for these little creeks, so I changed paths and opted for the DC SigV 3wt. Craig rigged up the Rx7 3wt I built for him last year.

I rigged a #14 Grumpy Frumpy with a lime-green belly. Below that I had a #16 copper CJ. Within the first couple pools, I had a small Brown rise to my offering. This is the first fish I've caught on a Grumpy Frumpy. I hope to have many more this summer.

After loosing the dropper to some under-water hazard, I fished with the dry for awhile. Below one of the many beaver ponds that line this creek, I tyed on a red with black wire rib chironomid. This fly worked well a few weeks ago on the back side of Stoner Moutain. I was able to coax a small Brookie from the depths. This is the first Brookie I can remember catching on this creek.

Above the beaver dam, there is a deep pool with a slow riffle down the middle. The first cast into the pool is met with a feisty Cutbow. After some bursts of speed and a few aerials, the fish comes to hand.

I catch a few more fish with the red/black chironmid before sacrificing it to the river Gods. After many failed attempts to find another winning combination, Craig and I hike back down the creek below where we started. I decided to try yet another fly I've never seen action on, a San Juan Worm. I've heard of the magical abilities the SJW has to attract fish, but I was yet to believe. Below a #14 red CJ, I placed a bright pink SJW. But a failed cast dislodged the worm. After a couple more pools and a couple more lost worms, I question the myth of the SJW. But I tie on another SWJ and cast it to a likely riffle next to a solo willow bush. My indicator drops and I set the hook. It is a 11+ Brown with anger issues. I get it to the bank and reach for my camera, but I let too much slack in the line and the fish unbuttoned. Shit, I didn't get my first fish on a SJW documented. But soon after, I catch another willing participant and snap a quick shot before it swims away.

After my third fish on a SJW in one spectacular run, I chase after Craig to share my findings and a couple SJWs. I bring a couple more to hand before I meet back up with Craig and head to the truck to go home. Although we hit 2nd Creek before it was in its prime, we were able to have a fun day in the wilds of the 2nd Creek drainage.


  1. about time you saw the power of the san juans. maybe you'll finally believe me about tipping my flies with power bait.

  2. "I dun't no wut itis bout u fisheRmen..." I nu yus wasa KRAK-head.