August 1, 2010

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

I attended a four day training in SLC this past week to be a certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention instructor for my agency. I hoped to mix business with pleasure and fish as much as possible working around the training schedule. As I drove up, I planned to fish Willow Creek, but severe thunderstorms changed this plan. But I was able to find a break in the storm and semi-clear water on Fremont Flats. I was excited to fish my newly repaired 3wt. The Stoned Hopper was the preferred method and with a dozen fish under my belt in a hour, I moved on.
After the first day of training, Craig met me in downtown SLC and we headed to the cabin outside Oakley, UT. The water dropped at least 12" since the beginning of July. We were still able to find willing fish, but not as many as last time. I caught most of my fish in a para-Adams, but my largest Cutt fell victim to the Stoned-Hopper.

I wasn't able to get out and fish again until the trip home. I chose Fremont Flats as my playground, but the water had a lot of chocolate milk mixed in making it less productive. I threw the Stoned-Hopper and streamers picking up fish 50/50 on both methods.


  1. a pic of a rainbow a tiger and a cutt?... congrats on the "hat trick"

  2. The middle fish is actually a brook trout. I did catch a small tiger trout that night, but I was too lazy to take a picture.