January 26, 2014

Boys at Brook Meadow

One of our favorite spots to take the kids is Brook Meadow. This is the stream we took Caleb to a couple weeks after he was born. Katy carried him in a bobby-sling-thingamajig and caught fishies. The boys have grown so much since this trip! One of the keys to keeping the kids interested in fishing is doing other things than fishing when you're out on the stream. Katy and I take turns watching the boys while the other fishes. I like to roll rocks over and we find the bugs that hide below. The boys pick them off one by one and "feed the fishies". Connor's favorite bug to find are cased caddis. We found some fat, juicy ones camping a couple years ago. Connor has been trying to get lightning to strike twice since then...To his dismay we've only found regular sized caddis under rocks since.
Connor is becoming quite the fisherman! It's so enjoyable to watch these guys learn and grow, between the moments of the shear hell that is parenting...

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