January 19, 2014

Brown Meadow And The Canyon Below

I took the family on many fishing excursions last summer. But I snuck away a few times for a solo trip to cleanse the sole. On one of our trips past the Brown Meadow, I noticed a dirt road leading towards the canyon section below the meadow. In the past 6 years of fishing this area I never ventured, let alone noticed this access point. I assumed the area was all private land and inaccessible. I tried to quickly fish it, but with Connor in tow and a close call with red-ants, it quickly became apparent I would need to come back on my own for a recognisance mission.
The Brown Meadow canyon kept gnawing at my mind until Katy ordered me to go back and fish it. Oakley and I went up after work and fished the meadow for the evening caddis hatch. But instead of throwing caddis I chucked a ball of deer hair disguised as a mouse. For some reason a trout on a mouse has eluded me and this evening was no different. I've caught most bass on the fly using a mouse and I've had some epic slashing by trout, but never a solid hook-up. I ended up catch one ~17" brown, but not on a mouse.  
The next morning I awoke with anticipation to fish a new section of old water. The spot I had scoped out a few evenings prior was far from what I anticipated it to be. I imagined deep pools full of unpressured fat browns; shallow frog water was the reality. I decided to explore for more access points and found two more.
The water looked great and fished OK. It was a mix of pools shaded by over-hanging cottonwood branches and long torrent riffles. I enjoyed finding this new water but told myself my timing was off; or something. Because I know this water will hunt...someday.  

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