January 8, 2014

Micro Spring Stream

We went camping above a small lake outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. This was the only camping trip we made as a family last summer. It was a busy holiday weekend and there were few options for camp sites. We encroached on a site with an abandoned camp trailer but plenty of room for more campers. Once the campsite was secure Katy and I took turns fishing the small stream that runs through the meadows. This is a micro spring creek that rewards well with a mixed bag of Brooks and Browns. Much of it is frog water, but with a little stealth and an accurate, soft cast, the fish are willing. It's an intimate occasion spotting the fish and watching it slowly rise to your dry. this is my religion and it nourishes my soul.
The first night the boys allowed Katy and I fish a large stretch of the stream. As light faded we sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows until we gave ourselves tummy aches. Connor lit off Alka-Seltzer rockets and Caleb continued to feed the fire with any stick he could find. The following morning Sam, Jake, and Mary met us near Ruby's Inn and we did the tourist thing.
It didn't take long before Sam and I started grumbling about wanting to go fishing so we bailed the scene and returned to the stream.  

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