March 5, 2014

Brown Meadow Meat

 I've been experimenting with different articulated streamer patterns lately. I've usually tied my streamers heavy with the thought that making a big splash and getting my fly in the "strike zone" as quick as possible was key. But my paradigm is changing to keeping it higher in the water column and only using enough weight to get the fluff under the water. This most recent batch of streamers seems to be the right combination of water displacing fluff and weight.

I stopped by the Brown Meadow about a month ago and it was frozen. I wasn't sure what to expect today, but I decided to throw big streamers rather than fish ice-off at Minersville. I bought a new #7 Airflo Tactical taper line last week and I've been itching to get out and throw meat. My old line was a Rio bass taper #8, but it has gone through the ringer and needed replacing.
The water was fairly clear, but as low as I have ever seen in. I hooked up with a ~16" brown in the first hole but it took some time before my streamer was smashed again. I found ripping the streamer back to me with a few sudden slower strips was the ticket. I tried to use stealth as much as I could, but most runs were very shallow. Between me sludging through mud and Oakley running up to the next hole, many fish were spooked before I could entice them with a fly. The day was a success, but the walk back to the Jeep was daunting. I covered a lot of water and with boots caked with mud, it felt even further.

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