March 20, 2014

IF4 Film Festival Trip 2014

It was Sam's Spring Break and we originally planned to fish all day Thursday but last minute I got a wild hair and suggested we start early and attend the Utah leg of the IF4 film festival Wednesday night.  It was fun to be in a room with so many people who share a love for fly fishing. There was a TON of giveaways and the videos were top notch. I want to take the family next year and continue the fly-fishing indoctrination.
After getting pumped up from the IF4 show, we left early the next morning with a mission to chuck meaty morsels to willing trout. We arrived at Candy Canyon just as the sun was hitting the water and decided to try a stretch of river we've only eyed from the road. After a few great runs with not even a fishy follow, we relocated to our trusty stretch of streamer heaven and immediately began hooking into some beautiful Browns. 
Since I'm such a nice guy, I gave the best hole in the river to Sam. We fished this section a few times last fall and turned some nice fish in this hole. Sam soon connected into an 18" brown with an ugly mug.
The fishing remained good most of the morning. It's so much fun dancing big visible globs of fur, feathers, & steel past boulders and undercut banks anticipating the predatory strike. Half the fun of streamers is how visual it is. Even when a connection isn't made, the rush of moving fish keeps me going.
Ice-off on most of the southern Utah lakes has already happened. We wanted to end the day at Big Fish Lake. There was only a small section of the lake with ice. I did well last April as the ice was just peeling off. I'm not much of a lake fisherman and today the stars didn't quite line-up for me. Sam and I both caught a fish each before we decided to chase after something shiny and fish another stream with meat.

By the time we landed at the Brown Meadow, I was pretty pooped. We covered a few hundred yards of water with only one decent brown between the two of us so we called it a great day and headed home.

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