March 11, 2014

Six Fingers and Frog-water

Katy and I had a chance to go camping and fishing without the boys. We left them with my parents and headed up to a little stream I enjoy fishing from time to time. By the time we got up the canyon it was dark. Camping spots were tough to find but we managed to find a nice little spot tucked away in the willows and next to a small stream. 
The following morning we fished Six Fingers. I missed a turn and ended up wasting about an hour trying to find it, but we were lucky to have it to ourselves once we got there. We had a lot of fun catching some beautiful Bows, Cutts, and Browns. 
On the way back down the canyon we stopped to try our luck on a very small creek very little current. Small streams are my bread and butter, but this was an extreme to my norm. But we caught fish pool after pool. Casts had to be soft and completely accurate. But I found myself having more fun with these small fish in frog water than the larger fish we caught earlier in the day. One of my favorite trips with my favorite person. Thinking of it only makes me want summer to come that much sooner.

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