April 15, 2009

Bulk Order Scud Hooks- UPDATE

***********5/5/09 Update on scud hook order.

I received 300 more scud hooks in the mail. I haven't been able to give them a thorough look over yet, so I will wait to post new info on the hooks. But I will say they are sharp! I emailed him and asked for any way I can ensure I get these hooks and if he can give them for same cost. I would be willing to pay more if needed. I will give a full report as I have new information ***********

***Update on the update - I emailed the guy and he responded back within a couple hours. He is sending me 300 more hooks #12, #14, #18 from a different manufacturer. I will post another update on update. ***

I received the hooks Monday. The eyes are closed off (good, meaning no gap where the loop comes around), not extremely bright, no noticeable burs or imperfections, a med-gauge wire scud hook

100 #12 - Not very sharp
100 #14 - Almost as dull as the #12

200 #16 - seemed sharp. Passed the "Finger Nail" test. I still need to try them in action to verify if they pierce fish lips

100 #18 - doesn't appear very sharp, but better then #12 & #14. But the hook point curves around too close to eye making for a small gap between the two. Compared to a TMC 2487, heavier wire and about 35% less gap between eye and point.

I will try the #16 in action. But not impressed by the hook's sharpness. I guess I got what I paid for...about $.04 a hook.

I'm going to e-mail the guy and let me know I was disappointed. I expected them to be sharper for "Chemically Sharpened" hooks. These hooks appear to either be bathed too long or not enough in the chemical bath for optimum sharpness.


  1. the Togen hooks aren't bad. pretty dang affordable too

  2. I think I may try those next.