April 1, 2009

New Vise!

I went from this...

to a couple of these...

To this...

I picked up a Griffin Blackfoot Mongoose rotary vise from Sportsman's yesterday. I've had my eye on this vise for a long time. I like the Montana Mongoose vise but I don't thinks it's worth $120 more. I picked this up for $80, but most places I've seen online are asking $150. ??? I likes a good deal!

I began tying flies when I was twelve. My friends dad taught us how to tie a zug bug and a "grizzly hackle peacock" in preparation for a scout hike to the Uintas. I started tying flies with my mom's sewing thread and my dad's shop vise. I collected feathers from a farm by my house (great source for peacock herl!) I bought el cheapo from Angler's Inn and was amazed how much easier it was to tie flies with a fly tying vise (instead of a bulky shop vise).

I really like my new vise, but I have to re-learn how to tie with it.

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