April 18, 2009

Lee's Ferry

This was my first trip to Lee's Ferry. Kyle and I have been trying to plan a trip here for the past couple months. We finally got the trip together, but the weather wasn't what we hoped.

The night before, I barely slept. I kept thinking "What flies should I use?", "How should I rig my line?". It felt like Christmas Eve and I couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

It was an amazing site as we meandered through the red rock canyon. After a few disappointments, we settled on a run. With today's crowds, we had little chance of moving to a new spot.

I struggled to rig up my flies with cold fingers. I chose to fish the lower section of the run. The drift took some time to figure out. The dynamics of the flow was incredible. There were so many opposing currents of water. But once I found the right drift, I was rewarded.

I moved to the run Kyle and Ty were fishing, but I couldn't get the right to left drift down. 60+ foot drifts were new to me. I missed a couple strikes and came unbuttoned with one. I was able to coax one more to my fly, but that's all she wrote.

The fishing wasn't fast, but it was still a great experience.


  1. Whose the dork in the pic? We will definitely be back to conquer the almighty Colorado, and practice our driving into rivers.

  2. Nice pics. That's such a beautiful setting. I've never had the privilege of fishing there. I'm an Easterner and have only had one western trip so far - so I always enjoy seeing different fishing areas out west.

  3. I've never fished anywhere like the ferry before this trip. I grew up hiking in Southern Utah, but it was an awsome area to fish. I still enjoy small stream fishing with a dry more though.