April 23, 2009

"Little Tikes" on the Little Res.

Katy, Connor, and I went to "Little Res." on Beaver Mountain for a well needed reprieve from my 55 hour work week. I guess "fish eat metal" too. I lined up my XP, but between the micro-bursts and Connor in my back-cast, I decided to put it away. Plus Katy kept catching fish after fish and I couldn't seem to find any awake...except this small shad taken on a #16 zebra midge.

Between the three of us, we caught over 20 fish in a couple hours. It was a fun family outing to start out the spring.

Connor takes his business serious. There's a couple spots I have in mind for Connor to catch a Brookie on his own (Connor didn't hook this fish, but he did a good job holding the rod while it tried to get away).

We ended the day at Wendy's. Connor worked up a mean appetite for a hambuga

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