May 23, 2009

Fatty-McFatty and Friends

I went back to "Big Fish" Lake and had a fun evening. When I was pulling up to my destination, it looked like it was snowing. I stepped out of my truck and there was a cloud of midges by the thousands. This picture doesn't even come close to the masses of bugs in the air, but this is what they looked like.

I spoke with a couple from Nevada about the fishing. They only caught one so far and had been there all day. They said when the wind dies down, the bugs start clouding up. The water was boiling with rising trout. As I rig up my XP 5 for nymping, the wind picked back up. I wade out to the edge where shallow water meets deep and cast out my offering. After a few un-noticed casts, my indicator dropped and I set the hook. After a small struggle, I land the fish at the top of this post. It was fat and lumpy. I catch another sizable fish before the midges started clouding up again.

I rigged up my DC SigV 3 with a #18 para-adams and began casting to the rising trout. I get a few bumps, but no solid hook-ups. I walk over to where I was a couple weeks ago and try it there, but nothing. Below the dam, there was a lot more water running out then last time. I had a fish rush my indicator, but no other action.

I went back to my truck and grabbed the 3wt and again cast to the rising trout. I ended up catching over a half dozen 8" rainbows and one cutt. It was a test to see the small fly and wait for one to sip it down. I finished the evening with the nymph rig and caught one more feisty rainbow. When I got it in, there was a tangle of line coming out of its mouth. I took a couple pictures and then dislodged the hook from its mouth. The other line was deep in its throat. I cut away as much line as I could and set it free. It swam off fine, hopefully it'll make it.


  1. Beautiful pics. That first one is obese!

  2. That first fish is awesome! All of them look nice and fat and healthy in fact... sounds fun

    --Brian J.