May 2, 2009

Backyard Dinosaur

While watering the fruit trees in the backyard, Katy spotted a Horny Toad. We put him in a box and planned to keep him as a pet. I Googled how to take care of it, but it seems like these guys don't fair well in captivity. Rather then spend hard-earned fly-gear money on a heat rock and ants, I decided to take a few shots and let him (or her) go back into the wilds of our backyard. I've been studying how to take better pictures. Fly Art Studio has some great tutorials on how to take good pictures, even if all you have is a point-and-shoot camera. I finally found a use for the $5 tripod I purchased from Staples. I've been looking for a Gorillapod around town, but I think I will be ordering one on-line soon.


  1. I don't even know what to think. Photoshop, Natural, who knows? All that horny toad needs is a sexy frog.

  2. The only thing I did in Photoshop was increase contrast by a very small amount and darken it just a little. It was taken in the middle of the day, so the colors get a little blown out. I used a $5 tri-pod from Staples to keep the camera still