May 9, 2009

Fishing in the Wind

I finally got out to fish. I planned to go to 2nd creek with my father-in-law, but last minute changes left me with a full day hall pass. Not to let it go to waste, I decided to go to Big-Fish lake and see if I could catch some trout that were rumored to be cruising the shallows. The lake was white caps, but that wasn't about to stop me. I found a cove protected from the wind (same place Jed and I went last year) and decided to start off with my DC FT7 with a sink-tip line with duel seal leeches. The sun was high and the catching was low...not a strike. A couple guys from SG rolled up and stopped just down the shore from me. One hooked up right away with a small fish under an indicator.
I could see a bunch of fish hanging in a small pool below the trickle coming out of the dam. I switched to my XP 5 and tyed on a para- adams in hope I could make one good cast and get a strike. No such luck, so I went back to the lake. I wasn't sure if I could make long enough casts with the 5 in the whipping wind, but I rigged up with a 14 Red CJ and 18 Zebra Midge below the smallest Thingamabobber I had. I was able to cast far enough out I should be in fishy water. I went along a drop off and fished for about 15 minutes before moving to the other side of the cove.
After a few fruitless casts, I changed my indicator to a size larger and next cast...pluump, my indicator pops under but I was too late. I switched back to the smaller one and started to catch 10" rainbows. It was nice to keep me busy until the big boys come out to play. About 4-5 fish later, I hook into something with a little weight. I could see the dark shadow swimming back and forth as I tried to get it to surrender. I grab my camera as it gets closer, but I put it back in my pocket. The rainbow, although large, has a snagle-tooth of a mouth and I wasn't going to put it through more humiliation then its already gone through.

I catch another large trout in the same general area within a minute. After a few minutes, I bring a healthy Rainbow to hand. About five minutes later, I see a trout rush the shore and I cast to the right of it about four feet. My indicator drops under immediately. Although this rainbow was the size of the last, I bring it to hand without incident. Could I have caught the same fish twice?
I continue to catch fish along the shore. What started as a slow day is now picking up. I switch my dropper midge to a pink scud and leave the producing red CJ to catch fish. For some reason, without a dropper, I wasn't producing strikes.
Soon after switching to the scud, I hook into a pig! Line screams off my reel and there's no sign of letting up. Nearly to my backing, I am able to turn the fish back to me. After I yoyo the fish back to me, I land it and pull out the camera for the only shot it would give me before it swam away. It was a large cut-bow without pectoral fins. Not the most beautiful fish of the day, but the hardest fighting bar-none.

I catch a few more decent sized fish before heading back to my truck for a snack. I pick up a few more fish after eating, but I couldn't seem to get back on the roll I was on earlier in the day. I switch back to my DC FT7 and throw a large Sex-dungeonish creation into the depths of hell. I immediately hook into a beast, but as fast as it came, it was gone. Dark pushes me off the water. I watch the last light hide behind the hills as I put my gear away. Three missed deer and a spilt cup of warm Gatorade, I'm home.


  1. Nice article to read. Hope you had a great time.

  2. uploading I bet! I bet your photo shopping them still. Hurry up already.

  3. Alright, with Photoshop complete, here they are. Not the best pictures, but solo with unruling fish makes for hard photo-ops.

    I couldn't load them in Firefox, but I was able to using Explorer...???

  4. Nice to see the Grumpy getting eating already!