July 11, 2009

Multi-Species Marathon

I got home from work at 12:30am and quickly packed for the following day. 5:45am and I was up for the day. The plan was to head North and fish til dark. Kyle drove, Matt sat bitch, and I stretched my legs out shotgun. Last minute we took a diversion east and started out on the old-mill section. It was a little slow in the beginning. I picked up a little brown on a #16 PT. When I tried to take a picture, the battery on my camera was dead! I thought it was fully charged, but luckily Kyle and Matt had there's. Thanks for letting me poach some pics for my post. I picked out a nice Cutt a little further up. I'm positive it took the lead fly, but it was fouled by the dropper when I got it up to me. I only caught one more before Matt and I met up and started leap-frogging pools. Kyle went back to get the truck and we planned to eat lunch and move spots. While we were waiting for Kyle, we came upon a nice stretch of pocket pools. I switched to a dry/dropper set-up and immediately started hooking into fish. While Matt quickly switch to a matching rig, I cleaned out the rest of the pool. Matt stepped up to the plate and immediately hooked into a bruiser.

The casting was tight, but we managed to pick up a fair number of Browns and Bows. Kyle finally found us and got in on the action.

We drove up to Snake Creek and made a quick stop to pick up a few fish. I hoped the fish would be a little bigger, but they were fun still the same. The hot sun was beating down on us, so we opted to head to a cooler spot. I cut my "small-stream" teeth on this mountain. But I've never fished this particular canyon. Every time I've driven past, I always thought it was too steep and the water too wild. But last time Craig and I went to our usual spot, we noticed a good access point. I directed Kyle down a hidden dirt road and it stopped at the stream's edge. The water was clear and not too fast; the canyon turned out to be a hidden gem! Its banks were steep and littered with logs and huge boulders. The water spilled over multiple small falls. But with each tier we climbed, we found a new series of pocket pools and runs. The air was filled with bugs big and small. I kept seeing what I thought was Salmonflies, but I couldn't find any in the stream-side brush. But once I quit looking, one fell out of the sky in front of me.

I'd already caught a couple Brookies, but this little guy slammed my Amy's Ant right when it hit the water.

We finished off the evening watching Matt clean out the last pool and snaking Kyle's Brookie he was too lazy (or in too much pain) to catch.

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  1. Nice work, looks like you guys have a good crew together. Nice fish too, especially that brookie. I have just a few clowns out here I like to fish with, otherwise its usually solo. Company makes for some great days and better photo's. Take care.